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During the initial stage, (lasting 10 – 15 minutes), we conduct on-land activities. Here, we cover essential topics such as correct positioning, key surfing terminology, understanding wave dynamics, determining students' stance (Goofy or Regular), safety protocols, as well as paddling and pop-up techniques. Once our students have grasped Phase 1 and demonstrated confidence in safety practices, we seamlessly transition into the second segment of the surfing lesson.


Here we transition to paddling out to the surf break. Here, we familiarize our students with the lineup, noting variations in the waves corresponding to shallow and deep sections on the sandbars or reef, as well as the location and nature of the impact zone. Demonstrating proper sitting techniques on their boards, we introduce leg maneuvers for turning when favorable waves are identified. Essential lessons include understanding wave dynamics and ocean conditions. Initially providing hands-on support, we guide students into waves, signaling or selecting suitable opportunities. We then coach them on wave timing, standing up as they descend, and maintaining optimal positioning throughout.


The instructor adopts a coaching role, providing verbal guidance on wave selection and timing. After a student attempts a wave and returns to the lineup, the instructor offers a detailed analysis of their performance. Critiques are delivered constructively, aimed at improving the student's skills. The instructor actively participates in wave-catching alongside the students, offering real-time coaching while they stand or observe. Demonstrations and clear explanations are provided to address specific areas requiring improvement. In this phase, students progress to catching waves independently under the guidance of the instructor.


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